Statement  Against Hatred and Anti-Semitism

New York - September 20, 2017 - The Council of American Jewish Museums, the nation's largest consortium of Jewish museums and their colleagues, has issued a statement to counter hate and anti-Semitism.

This past week the House and Senate passed a joint resolution urging President Trump to denounce racist and anti-Semitic hate groups. The resolution asked the President to "use all resources available to the President and the President's Cabinet to address the growing prevalence of those hate groups in the United States." While the President signed the resolution, there is much more work to be done.

The Council of American Jewish Museums (CAJM), representing 70 institutions in 50 communities across the United States, endorses the Congressional resolution and joins with those urging President Trump to publicly oppose white supremacy, hate, and anti-Semitism. We ask for his commitment and that of his administration to combat racism and bigotry in all its terrible forms.

Our members are keepers of invaluable historic resources and stories that promote inclusiveness, diversity, and equality. This is a critical time for us to embrace our responsibilities-as museums, as Jewish organizations, and as individuals dedicated to history and ideas that assist us in this work. We look to the year ahead with a renewed commitment to promoting open, welcoming institutions, and to supporting Jewish museums in resisting divisiveness, hatred, and anti-Semitism in our country.

Board of Directors, Council of American Jewish Museums

The Council’s Executive Director, Melissa Martens Yaverbaum, comments, “We are witnesses to new chapters in history; this is a critical time for Jewish museums and others to fight hate and anti-Semitism. We know that Jewish museums are key resources in advancing this work, and we must commit now to further advancing equality, diversity, and tolerance.”

The Council of American Jewish Museums is the largest membership organization for Jewish museums, their professionals, and those presenting Jewish culture and the arts. It represents 70 institutions in 50 communities in America and beyond, and explores issues that are key to Jewish museums and those they serve. It’s mission is to strengthen Jewish museums as essential resources and vital centers of culture, knowledge, and discourse.


Deborah Cardin
Board Chair, CAJM

Susan Bronson
Board Vice Chair, CAJM

Melissa Martens Yaverbaum
Executive Director, CAJM