Stitching History From the Holocaust

Stitching History from the Holocaust is so named because at its core, it consists of eight dress designs which are the creative work of Hedwig Strnad, who was killed in the Holocaust. The dressmaking motif is used to pair two kinds of “stitching:” creating the dresses from the sketches sent to her husband’s relatives in Milwaukee, and recreating Hedwig’s history. With each artifact—a drawing, a letter, a photograph—the visitor is drawn into the investigative work around Hedy’s life and the lives of her family. The Holocaust took human lives and deprived the world of the contributions of these individuals. This exhibit highlights a talent recently illuminated and a story that can never be completed. While diligence and chance may uncover other stories and talents, the majority will never be revealed. We can only mourn this immense loss.

Space: 550 square feet
Rental Fee: $10,000 for 3 months

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