Across Divides: Borders and Boundaries in Contemporary Art

Brief exhibition description:  Grounded in the description in Genesis that the world came into being through a series of divisions - light and darkness, day and night, sea and land, animals and human beings - this exhibition presents works by artists who explore borders and separations in different media and with varying intentions. They address how individuals and communities maintain their distinctiveness, yet also reach across divides, whether personal, spiritual, or legal and in secular and religious life to confront issues of gender, Jewish and national identities, and geography.

Space requirement: approx. 1275 running feet; alarmed gallery and round the clock security

Rental fee: upon request - insurance coverage by host institution as well as installation costs, shipping costs to renter and from origin.

Organizing institution: originated at Derfner Judaica Museum, Riverdale, N.Y.

Name: Reba Wulkan