Stories of Survival: Object. Image. Memory.

Brief exhibition description: 
A teddy bear, a set of house keys, a typewriter — everyday objects that ordinarily provide convenience or comfort — take on deeper meaning and become storytellers, in their own right, when they are remnants left from a world destroyed. Through objects, photographs and personal reflections, the exhibit reflects upon the individual stories of 59 Survivors of the Holocaust and genocides and conflicts including Armenia, Bosnia, Cambodia, Iraq and Syria, Rwanda, and South Sudan.

Created by the Illinois Holocaust Museum and photographer Jim Lommasson, the exhibition includes large-format photographic prints of precious objects from a Survivor, on which the Survivor or their family member(s) has reflected on the objects’ meaning directly on the print. The photographs are exhibited adjacent to the physical artifacts with text labels that present a period photograph of the Survivor, adding an additional layer of depth and connection for the audience.

Space requirement: 1,800-3,500 square feet

Rental fee: 20,000-40,000

Organizing institution: Illinois Holocaust Museum

Name: Arielle Weininger