CAJM Conference 2018
Washington, DC

The Council of American Jewish Museums' 2018 conference, "Responsibility and Empowerment: A Civic Role For Jewish Museums," took place from February 25-28, 2018.

Museums have long been part of civic life, the public square, and society at large. Today, our museums face key questions about their roles and responsibilities. How and when should we discuss current events? How can we draw on Jewish history to inform the present? What does bravery look like in a museum, and when is risk unnecessary? What are our ultimate responsibilities—as public centers, Jewish institutions, and keepers of history?

The 2018 CAJM conference brought us to Washington, DC—the nation's capital and home to museums that explore national narratives from different vantage points.  Program Chairs Marsha Semmel, Zachary Levine, and Juliana Ochs Dweck developed our program on "Responsibility and Empowerment"—which engaged colleagues in conversations about our institutions' responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities, as well as ways to empower audiences through our work. The vast museum resources of DC made this a rich and meaningful conference.  

Thank you to our 2018 conference
supporters and partners:

The David Berg Foundation
Gallagher & Associates
Albert & Lillian Small Foundation
The Avi Y. Decter and Macy B. Hart Fund for Emerging Professionals
Rabbi Robert & Virginia Bayer Hirt
National Building Museum
The Wilson Center
American Alliance of Museums
Sixth & I Historic Synagogue
Rina Scott Cowan