New Digital Platform To Bring Jewish Family History To Life

By Daniel Witkin, The Forward

Philadelphia’s National Museum of American Jewish History has launched an interactive digital platform for Jewish families to explore their heritage. Called “Re:collection,” it invites Jews to upload and curate media that helps to tell the stories of themselves and their ancestors, exchanging familial narratives with other participants. It was created by the museum in collaboration with Oakland-based technology company Enwoven.

“The pictures on your mantle, the candlesticks brought to America by your grandparents, letters and documents. These objects and images not only represent your personal history, but also characterize our nation’s identity and heritage,” said Ivy Barsky, the museum’s CEO and Gwen Goodman director. “’Re:collection’ is a powerful tool for connecting your precious stories to the larger history of Jews in America. Because when you share history, you make history.”

In addition to uploading their own content, users will be able to participate in community projects, centered on such a theme as food or immigration. Their contributions will also have a physical presence within the museum itself, in the form of a kiosk with a touch screen monitor that will allow visitors to explore the digital collection in real time.