Leonard Bernstein: The Power of Music

This is first large-scale museum exhibition to illustrate Leonard Bernstein’s life, Jewish identity, and social activism. Audiences may be familiar with many of Bernstein’s works, notably West Side Story, but not necessarily with how he responded to the political and social crises of his day. Visitors will find an individual who expressed the restlessness, anxiety, fear, and hope of an American Jew living through World War II and the Holocaust, Vietnam, and turbulent social change—what Bernstein referred to as his “search for a solution to the 20th‐century crisis of faith.”

Space: 2,200 square feet
Rental fee: $65,000

For more information, visit NMAJH.org/Bernstein or contact Ivy Weingram at iweingram@nmajh.org or 215-391-4658.