Pointing the Way

"Pointing the Way" is the first traveling exhibition of contemporary and traditional Torah pointers, demonstrating how this fascinating, intimate ritual object evolved through the ages and continues to inspire contemporary creativity. Highlights among the exhibition’s over 100 pointers include modernist pieces by Ludwig Wolpert and Moshe Zabari, unique contemporary works commissioned by renowned artists such as Wendell Castle, Albert Paley, and Michele Oka Doner, and exquisite traditional examples created since 1700 in metal, wood, ceramic, and found materials from Afghanistan to Poland to Morocco. The exhibition is drawn entirely from the collection of the Barr Foundation.

Space: The installation is flexible, and the space can range from 500 to 1000 square feet.
Rental fee: No fee. Borrower agrees to pay insurance, installation, and forward shipping costs.

For further information, contact Daniel Belasco, danielbelasco@gmail.com, or visit http://barrfoundationyads.com/.